Bluestar, keeps switching between phone and radio

Bluestar, keeps switching between phone and radio

Postby rfair22 » May 27th, 2015, 6:34 pm

Recently installed Bluestar in '04 Tahoe. Working OK initially. Added bluetooth music streaming via iSimple ISGM535 Aux adapter (GW adapter into XM port of stock audio), enabled AD2P & AVRCP profiles for Bluestar, seemed to work OK when first set up.

Now, phone functionality is unusable with vehicle:
- For incoming calls the radio display keeps switching between PHONE and the regular radio display(FM, AM, XM doesn't matter) every couple seconds, and the audio output changes accordingly from radio to ring-tone.
- For outgoing the steering wheel button puts the phone into voice dial mode, but the radio goes right back to playing so calls cannot be made.

In both cases the Bluestar breaks the Bluetooth link with the phone shortly afterwards and seems to be upset.

The same behavior happens with an iPhone 5 (ios 8) and a recent Android device. I've unpaired/re-paired both phones with no joy.

Any ideas ? The Bluestar is pretty unusable at this point.

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Re: Bluestar, keeps switching between phone and radio

Postby amnavetta » June 4th, 2015, 7:04 pm

Just got mine and am having essentially the same problem. O6 Saturn vue paired with Verizon Galaxy S4. Any solutions?
Galaxy bluetooth works fine in other car.
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