VW Adaptation Successful in OnStar Equipped Golf/Jetta/GTIs!

VW Adaptation Successful in OnStar Equipped Golf/Jetta/GTIs!

Postby keithwbloom » November 17th, 2011, 10:01 am

This solution is for 2004-2005 MkIV Golf/Jetta/GTI owners that have the factory installed analog OnStar option that was declared end of life in 2008 and no upgrade path was provided. This mod does not reincarnate your OnStar services, it uses the OnStar peripherals (cabling and mic) and the phone source capability in the audio system head unit to allow you completely hands-free whole-car audio interface with your Bluetooth 2.1 capable mobile phone. Furthermore, if you have a current generation advanced smartphone, you are in for a treat because the voice command options are so plentiful. My Motorola Droid X will read incoming email and SMS/MMS messages, dial on command, and search the web for whatever I ask it for with the push of the white button in my formerly useless OnStar control panel. And I have seen Siri (iPhone 4S) in action in a local Phaeton with Bluestar installed... way cool!

A2DP audio interface is still in development, but the phone features of this are worth getting it right away (it is upgradable in the future with downloadable firmware updates from Costar.) I get so much done in my car now that I can call with the touch of a button and voice command.

The modifications requires some button controller board resistor changes and an internal jump within the Bluestar unit to provide a connector lead for the radio mute function, both modifications that I provide (you must send me your button controller board for mods.) Once that is sorted, 11 pins from the VW Telematics harness connector plug have to be migrated to the GM Onstar harness connector plugs (2) to snap into the Bluestar module (this is the procedure you must do in your trunk with a small screwdriver, I have been told it can take as little as 15 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes. Very detailed, step-by-step instructions with clear photographs are provided.) When those two procedures are complete, it is a simple snap together and stow the module away proposition. The quick start user guide from Costar for all Bluestars (GM and VW alike) will get you dialing and talking in 2-3 minutes.

With Bluestar for VW you can (amongst many things):
  1. Press the White OnStar button for one second and get the voice command prompt from your smart phone.
  2. Press the White OnStar button for three seconds and redial the last number called.
  3. Press the White OnStar button to answer an incoming call.
  4. Press the Blue OnStar button to answer an incoming call with the handset instead.
  5. Press the Red OnStar button to mute a call while connected.

But the best part is, no wires! The Bluestar uses the built-in OnStar mic and the car's speakers. When a call is initiated or comes in, the VW head unit switches to "Phone" mode automatically, and the audio from the call is played over the car's speakers.

  • It recognizes your phone (if present) when you turn on the ignition and connects automatically.
  • If multiple phones have been paired, it attempt to connect with them in the order they were added until successful (so your phone trumps your spouses when you are together).
  • It comes with a PC-based management/programming utility that includes a ringtone creator function.
  • The future A2DP audio out function means streaming PandoraOne. Who needs a satellite radio subscription? ;)

I have worked out a deal with Costar, the makers of Bluestar, to enable our group to get a VW-ready Bluestar for our OnStar-equipped VW MkIV Golfs/Jettas/GTIs for $299, shipping included. Email me directly at keith at keithbloom dot com for instructions on overhead button console removal, shipping address and payment. When your button board and payment are received, I will modify the button controller and return it USPS Priority Mail with the VW-enabled Bluestar module and two new harness connectors within 24-48 hours. If you send your button controller by 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail or 2nd Day UPS, your MkIV Golf/Jetta/GTI should be Bluestar-equipped within a week!

It's ALIVE! (again) ;)




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Re: VW Adaptation Successful in OnStar Equipped Golf/Jetta/G

Postby Batkin » June 7th, 2014, 4:21 pm

Is this still available, Thanks
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