Tinkerers invited.

BlueSTAR for the MDX is currently in development

Tinkerers invited.

Postby keithwbloom » March 14th, 2012, 8:04 am

With the successful adaptation of the BlueSTAR 2010 for Audi and VW now complete, I can focus on additional manufacturer installations and further expand the non-GM BlueSTAR community.

To help modify the GM LAN configured BlueSTAR 2010 for the Acura MDX wiring harness and button controller, I am inviting an owner or owners with some level of comfort in tinkering with the harness connectors and disassembling electric components. At the very least you should:

  1. be able to locate your OnStar module and access its connector harness
  2. be able to use a multimeter to test continuity and resistance on circuits and components
  3. be able to clearly photo document your access/removal/installation process(es) for the Acura community

I am located in Northern Virginia (Old Town Alexandria), so ideally a local owner would be preferred. If local, I can and will provide much of the above listed tinkering chores.

The goal would be to match the success in the Audi VW community and spec a modified BlueSTAR 2010 that will work plug 'n play with the Acura harness and button controller. To recap the Audi/VW success, here is an overview of the BlueSTAR's capabilities and functions once installed:

BlueSTAR VW A2DP owners can (amongst many things):

  • Press the White OnStar button for one second and get the voice command prompt from their smart phones (the iPhone 4S' "Siri" concierge is especially productive using this function).
  • Press the White OnStar button for three seconds and redial the last number called.
  • Press the White OnStar button to answer an incoming call.
  • Press the Blue OnStar button to answer an incoming call with the handset instead.
  • Press the Red OnStar button to mute a call while connected.
But the best part is, no visible wires, microphone or control buttons! The BlueSTAR uses the built-in OnStar mic and the car's speakers. When a call is initiated or comes in, the head unit switches to "Phone" mode automatically, and the audio from the call is played over the car's speakers.

  • It recognizes a paired phone (if present) when the ignition is turned on and connects automatically.
  • If multiple phones have been paired, it attempt to connect with them in the order they were added until successful.
  • It comes with a PC-based management/programming utility that includes a ringtone creator function, but it will actually use the paired phone's selected ringtone with some handsets (it does so with my iPhone 4S)
  • The A2DP audio out function means wirelessly streaming iTunes playlists, iHeartRadio, or PandoraOne. Who needs a satellite radio subscription?

If you are interested in participating and being among the first to update your MDX with bluetooth handsfree capability, please free to respond here in kind, or email me directly at keith at keithbloom dot com.

Sincerely yours,

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Re: Tinkerers invited.

Postby LoveMyMDX » December 9th, 2014, 10:42 pm

I would buy this instantly! Please tell me what to do to get this going.

I have a 2006 Acura MDX with navi & on star

Please help!!!
Thanks in advance.
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